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Something Is Not Right

There’s something rising in the heart of believers in Christ that is telling us that something in our time is not right. It’s not right that evil is getting the upper hand. It’s not right that good is being called evil and evil is being called good. It’s not right that our children are falling prey and victims to ungodliness, even in their schools. It’s not right that our families are under attack as if somehow a husband, a wife and children is a deficient thing in society.

We might not be the biggest person in the kingdom of God, but by the living Christ in us, you and I need to take a stand. We need to allow Christ to make a difference in us and cause our voices to count for things that are eternal.

Let’s not allow the army of darkness to taunt the armies of the living God and the integrity of our God any longer. It’s time for you and I to stand up and in the power of Christ within us, make a difference. It’s time that you and I begin to pray.

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