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Simple, Daily Obedience

We often forget the simplicity of our calling. I'm a Christian first, ministry is just what I do. The same goes for everyone who's called. We sometimes forget the call to individual relationships and so we wait and become bogged down, waiting for big things and titles, when we're just called to all people everywhere from all walks of life.

You and I are called to have eyes for people-those who are struggling, those who are still wandering spiritually. My brother and sister, ask God to give you eyes for that young person that may be struggling in getting their footing and foundation in Christ, and just begin to walk alongside them. Encourage them in their faith and pour into them, it might just become the highlight of your day. You'll be amazed at what else God opens up for you to do when you simply walk in daily obedience.

In the midst of all of this remember, it's time to pray.

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