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Our Time Is Short

Jeremiah2,verses 11 and 13: "Has a nation changed its Gods which are not Gods? But my peoplehave changed their glory for what does not profit. For my people have committedtwo evils. They have forsaken me, the fountain of living waters, and hewed themselves cisterns, broken cisterns that canhold no water."


Theprophet Jeremiah wept with a broken heart over the people of his time, who, having forsakenGod, had no idea of the unsolvable hardshipthat lay just before them. The arrogance ofthe stubborn and fallen human heart repeatedly believes, contrary to the evidence of history, that God'sways can be mocked and rejected without consequence.


Todaywe would do well to learn from the ashes of their former societies. In Americatoday, our time is short.


It'stime now to pray.

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