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Our Families are Going With Us

I want to remind you today that Almighty God is calling us to rise in this last generation and be men and women ofGod. He calls us to grow in the strength of HisHoly Spirit and take spiritual authority over the enemy and all that he istrying to do against us in our families. By the grace of Almighty God, yourfamily and mine will go with us into eternitywith God.

Remember Moses? The enemy tried to make a deal with him inthe book of Exodus. Pharaoh told them, "Oh, you can go. The men can go.But leave your wives and your children here." Do you remember how Moses responded? Essentially he said, "No deal. Not only do we go, butour families go, our animals go, and everything we own goes with us."

Tell the enemy today that he has no right over your family.He has no right to take God's promises away from you. It's time for you and me to rise.

It's time again, to pray.

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