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Only God Could Be Doing This

God is raising up his victorious army in this last generation. The scripture tells us that those who know God will do great exploits. By taking us when we are in weakness, we know that only God could be doing this, and we will be quick to give Him the glory. We know we stand only in the strength of our God and take no credit for ourselves.

It’s time to stand and be part of the army that God is now raising up and remember, it’s time to pray. There are people from over 211 countries throughout the world that are joining us every Tuesday night from 7:00 to 8:30 PM Eastern Time on

Together, we’re believing that God’s going to be God to us and God’s going to God through us. He’s going to do something in and through our lives that will bring glory to Him in this final generation before He returns again. Why don’t you pray with us? Why don’t you believe God with us? Because we’re going to believe God for you. It’s time to pray.

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