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Nine Years of Hell and 30 Seconds

After coming to Christ, The Lord delivered me out of nine years of panic attacks, nine years of a deep inset fear in my life from which I could not get free. By the mercy and power of God, reading the Bible, and going into prayer. I prayed and took authority over that fear, and a warmth came over me, and within 30 seconds, nine years of Hell on this Earth, of being in a prison of fear that I couldn't get out of, He touched my life and set me free.

If you are battling fear, understand that the power that set me free wasn't only for me but can also be yours. He has not called you to live in fear. He's called you to be a testimony of God's power on the Earth.

I wrote a book about it called Fear Not. You might want to get a copy.

Remember, it's time to pray.

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