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Mountain Moving Christians WWPM

There are mountains of incredible evil taking over our nation and the world today. This generation has mountains of lawlessness, violence, hatred, division, confusion, and unbelief. The only way these can be removed is by the power of God's Holy Spirit, giving us a fresh anointing of faith.

We need the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to provide us with the boldness we need to stand and once again tell these mountains to move. Throughout the scriptures, we've seen men and women of God have faith that does move mountains like this. Likewise, we need the mountain-moving faith anointing to stand against the evil we now face. It's time that we start asking God to make us mountain-moving Christians.

Join people worldwide who meet online and in person every Wednesday at 7:00 PM EST. People are joining us from over 200 countries and dependencies.

It's time to pray.

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