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Like Vinegar in the Mouth of God

Our religious-ness or empty religious effort, is an awful taste in the mouth of God. We attempt to be holy in our own strength. We attempt to be accepted by God because we read a lot of Scriptures, pray a lot or maybe just do a little bit better than we did yesterday-somehow thinking that this will make us acceptable to God. Although these are not bad things alone, without the heart of God, these efforts are like the vinegar that was offered to Christ when He was on the cross.

Adam and Eve spawned a generation who thought they could act godly, thinking they could come back into fellowship with God through their own human efforts. They were wrong. When Christ went to the cross, He cursed the system of man-made religion and opened to us a door by grace, that we couldn't earn and we don't deserve. It is a free gift. This generation needs to know about the gift that Christ offers.

It's time to pray.

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