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Let's Not Just Intercede

The thought of taking up our cross of reaching the lost and living our lives for the benefit of others has been all but lost in the Western world. Today, we hold onto the measure of our protection, our security, and our comfort even when we pray.

We should do more than these things. We should be willing to go where God is asking us to go and do what He's asking us to do, and give of ourselves for the sake of others if that's what it takes to save them. Today, let's just ask God to help us. We can't just intercede for people and then go about our own business and live in our comfort when people around us die in their sin.

Many of us from around the world gather together to pray from over 211 countries. We are asking God for an end-time spiritual awakening. And by God's grace, we're throwing ourselves in with our prayers.

It's time to pray.

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