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It's Time to Rise in Boldness

The boldness of sinners is now on full display. They boast of their evil. They call evil good, and they call good evil. The people of God are now being vilified as haters and dividers. The hate is getting more vitriolic all the time.

It could become a challenging time for the people of God who want to live for truth. If we disagree with this evil agenda, we will be called dividers and haters and ultimately not considered partakers of this newfound world order. We can see how the wicked have become bold, but it's time for the people of God to become bold.

It's time for us to go into the presence of God for all the things we need to make a difference in this time. It can't be just evil being paraded in the streets. We must become the people through whom the glory of God is known again on the earth. It's time to rise again in boldness for the Kingdom of God's sake.

It's time again to pray.

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