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It's a Wonderful Life

WhenGod's presence comes into your life, you are supernaturally raised from thedead and out from under the power of death and the penalty of sin. You and Iare brought into this brand new life that God has for us in Jesus Christ. Youbecome a new creation.


Yourwhole life now is being lived by the power of God for the purposes of God, andultimately for people who still yet need to know who God is. It is indeed awonderful life to live. You begin to know that God is real. You don't even haveto tell people about God. Your whole life begins to tell them. Your whole beingbecomes an expression of the reality of God and the power of God and the loveof God.


Theforgiveness of God is being lived out inside of you. If you haven't yetexperienced the supernatural working power of God, I encourage you to inviteJesus Christ into your heart and into your life today.


It'stime to pray.

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