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It's A Good Prayer

One of my favorite prayers has always been, “Jesus, Help Me.” It's a prayer I still pray today. I'm never too proud to pray it. It's a good prayer, one you can pray it your entire life, and it’s easy to remember. It's been the one prayer God has answered all my life.

Our generation has become so dark. Evil is now being portrayed as good, and good is now becoming evil. The prayer “Jesus, Help Me” can make a difference as we face the darkness trying to swallow up our generation.

The Bible says that the lawlessness in people will get to the point where the love of many will start to grow cold. You and I need sovereign help to stay engaged with the work of God, which is reaching those who are lost. It's no shame today to pray “Jesus, Help Me.” Why don't you pray it right now? It's a good prayer.

It's time to pray.

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