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I Thank God that He Chose His Church

The word of God is indeed a lamp for our feet and a lightfor our path. The Lord tells us that the entrance of His words gives light. Today,I pray that God will give light to your heart andmind in places where there might be confusion or even indecision about thefuture.

May He give you and me theconfidence we need for the future. May He fill ourhearts with gratitude and joy. May we trustGod is about to do things that will bringglory to His name. I thank God today that He chose His church to bethe vehicle through which He will offer hope,forgiveness, deliverance, and freedom to the masses of people who soon faceeternity with God or without Him.

Join us as people from 211 countries at 7:00PM Eastern time at ask God for mercy for many who are soonheading into an eternity.

Remember my brother, my sister, it's time to pray.

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