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I've Been There

You might feel like your life isn’t going to amountto anything. Maybe youfeel like the darkness is getting deeper, you're becoming more selfish andangrier, and the despair is worsening. I know what that feels like because I've been there.


However,a new life is offered when you open your heart to God. When you open your heartto the Word of God, it brings life and hope.We know we have nothing to give Him, but He specializes in taking nothing and making something out ofus for His glory.


Today,you might feel like you're not worthy, but if you give your life to God, He will take you in your nothingness, and He will become youreverything. He will cause you to be a testimony on the earth. If you don'tbelieve this today, why don't you ask God for yourself? Take a moment rightwhere you are, pray, and say, "Lord, isthis possible? Could this be true?"


It'stime for you and me to pray.

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