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I’m So Grateful

I’m just so grateful for the reports that are coming in online. Reports of people who have decided to believe God, and are already beginning to see the fruit of their faith in God’s power and His goodness.

We have to recognize that we don’t fight this battle in our own might or our own power, but we fight it by the victory of Jesus Christ and by the indwelling power of God’s Holy Spirit. We have to lean upon God and His victory, upon His strength, upon His Word and His calling on each of our lives. We need to lean upon everything God has given to us to win this incredible victory in our generation.

I am so thankful for the people from 211 countries that join us every Tuesday night at 7:00 PM, Eastern Time. We are praying together, we are believing God in Times Square Church’s Worldwide Prayer Meeting. You can access it on People are getting incredible victories, and they’re getting strengthened.

Join us, because it’s time to pray.

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