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He Won't Turn You Away

Jesus Himself said that He would not cast away anyone who comes to Him. In other words, He won't turn you away.He'll never look you in the eye and say “No” when you turn to Him and pray.


Just say, "Lord, save me, help me. Lord, keep me, help me with my present struggles. Help me, God, with the things that I will have to go through tomorrow and help me to have a perspective on life that takes my mind out of my present struggles and into that which is eternal."


Ask God to give you an eternal perspective so that your troubles and trials of this season won’t swallow you up. When you do, God promises, "I will open your eyes. I'll give you an anointing. You'll be able to see a way through. In whatever season of life you might be in, I promise that I'll be with you."


Remember, my brother, my sister, it's time to pray.

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