He Is Drawing Us 


God is drawing near to us in these dark days. He's drawing us into what truly matters. He's drawing us again to the only lasting truth. He's drawing us to the very center of His heart.

God isn't only giving redemption but also a reason to live. We must draw near to Him as He draws near to us and hear what He is speaking in this hour. We should always advance our lives and hearts to what God has destined for us. We can do this, but remember, not without the help of God's Holy Spirit.

Join us as people worldwide gather every Wednesday at 7:00 PM EST at itstimetopray.org. We get together, pray, and believe in God to draw us near. He will make a difference in each one of our lives. God, please do in us what only You can do.

Remember, my brother and sister, it's time to pray.

Times Square Church
1657 Broadway
New York, NY, 10019

T:(212) 541-6300

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