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God Says He is Going to be With Us

There are so many people in battles today. Some fight mental battles; others fight in their family. Others are fighting battles where they can't find meaning in their lives or don't see any purpose in their future.


We fight on every conceivable level, but God says that He's going to be with us. He wants you and me to look beyond our battles. We trust in Him for our salvation, and our life is now eternal and secure in His hands.


God is preparing an eternal place for us that cannot be triumphed over. The security that God will give us today will carry us through the struggles that you and I will have to face tomorrow, struggles that we're not even aware of yet. Ultimately, we will dwell with God where He is forever. Let that be your comfort today.


You can find comfort in the Word ofGod. While you're reading the Word of God, remember with me today that it's always time to pray.

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