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God is Not Playing with Your Life

I want to remind you today that though you and I live in a fast-paced world, it's important that we learn patience. When we come to God for anything, we must understand that it's on His timetable and it's got to be done His way. Sometimes you and I think we've had enough of something and it's time for it to end, but God says, "No, you've got to learn to trust me because I love you best and I know you the most."

My brother and my sister, God is not playing with your life. He can see the end of it from the beginning. He knows what He intends to do with each of us. He knows how to bring forth the gifts and talents that He's deposited in us, and He will not waste a life that is given to Him. So, it's important that you and I learn to be patient and we learn to wait on the Lord. It's there that we begin to find the strength that we need to do the things that God's called us to do.

For you and I, it's time to pray.

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