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God is Actually Speaking to You

If today you're feeling captivated, lost, or hopeless, if you don't see any way out of your situation or ever amounted to anything in the Kingdom of God, I want to suggest to you that God is actually speaking to you whether you hear Him or not. He's speaking to you about things you may not have considered yet for your own life and future.

Remember, God doesn't call things the way they are, He calls things the way they will be. That's how He works. God wants to speak to you about things He wants to do in your life. He's greater than your situation, and He's more than willing to set you free. Jesus went to a cross so that the power and the penalty of sin might be broken.

Believe God today for a miracle in your life, whatever that miracle may be. Remember above anything and everything, you will get that miracle when you begin to talk with God.

It's time to pray.

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