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God's Purpose For His Church WWPM

God's purpose for His church is to be people who proclaim His mighty works. We are not left on the earth to just an argument about His existence. We're left here to demonstrate the reality that He is alive.

We must tell others what Christ did on the cross for humanity. We're not called to argue; we should know doctrine and truth. We should never be relegated to just an argument. We have to allow God to do something in us and through us so that people won't be able to deny the power of God and the fact that He is real. It's time to stop being just an argument and start allowing God to use us in such a powerful way that others will see His mighty hand working in and through our lives.

I encourage you to talk to God about this today because when we pray, mountains still move, and giftings are still given.

It's time to pray.

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