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Every Tuesday Night

Every Tuesday night we have a Worldwide Prayer Meeting at 7:00 PM Eastern Time at People who are answering the call to pray are coming together to trust God just as they once did in the book of Acts.\n\nIn faith, we come together at our prayer meetings, which are not strategy sessions, but learning to trust God to do what only He can do. We believe God for salvation and beyond for those who are lost in sin, those who need healing, victory, strength, compassion and forgiveness, and for wisdom that can only come from heaven. We believe for barriers to be broken and for the gospel to advance, and for boldness that can only come from Christ, Who lives inside of us.\n\nWhen we believe again, when we embrace the Christ of the cross again, not for our own gain or our own purposes but for His kingdom to come, then we see the power of God. Will you join us? You won't be sorry that you did.\n\nIt's time to believe, it's time to pray.

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