Empowered by the Spirit to Stand WWPM


We're being threatened in this generation, and it's going to get darker. Some people will go into hiding when the threats come against those who hold biblical truth. They will hide their Christianity. They'll hide it in their workplace, in their homes. They'll hide the light that is in them.

As the scriptures say, "They will take the light of Christ and put it under a bushel and hide it under their beds." When we are threatened, our tendency may be to draw back, but this is not the time. Instead, we must rise and stand and be the testimony of the living Christ on the Earth. We need to be empowered again by the Holy Spirit to be enabled to stand.

Join people from over 211 countries and dependencies every Wednesday at 7:00 pm EST. We are asking God for the power of this generation at itstimetopray.org.

It’s time to pray.

Times Square Church
1657 Broadway
New York, NY, 10019

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