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Christ Is Above Your Storm

Today, you might find yourself addicted, despairing, depressed, or even angry. Maybe you can't see a way forward into the future, or your storm is overwhelming you. And you're just looking to get out of where you are. Maybe you don't feel that you have the ability to move forward. Perhaps you don't have the strength or the courage. Perhaps you don't even have faith.

Even still, the voice of Jesus is calling you to walk into this place of impossibility. The voice of Christ is calling you in your storm because He is the only one who can sustain you. He lives above your storm, and He's calling you to walk with Him where He is.

Will you trust Him today in whatever situation you happen to be in, and will you allow Him to fill you with hope for the future? Will you let God take you to places for His glory? Start by calling out to Him.

It's time to pray.

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