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Can I Challenge You?

Can I challenge you today not to resist the hand of God? Don’t resist the grace of God any longer. Let God be God in your life. Let Him do what He wants to do through you. It’s not in your strength, but rather in your weakness. Not in your everything, but rather in your nothingness. Let Him take you now.

Your message will be about God and not about yourself. There’ll be no methodology, no seven steps to anything. It will be just this one thing: I was dead and now I live. I was dry and God filled me with living water. I had no particular use for my life, and God began to use me in a way that I could only dream about or imagine He ever could.

Like the scripture says, “He did more for me, than I could ever think or imagine.” This is God’s call for you today. I challenge you, rise up and let God be God in your life.

It’s time to pray.

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