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Can I Challenge You

Can I challenge you today to pray for people who are addicted and afflicted? Can you pray for people who don't want to live or maybe are heartbroken? Pray with me that God would help them to rise and take the promises that He's given every one of them out of the hands of the enemy.


Pray that God will help them and cast down these imaginations that try to tell them there's no hope and there's no future for them. Thank the Lord for what He's going to do in each family.Begin to thank God that He will bring in a harvest in this last hour.


In the same manner that God brought the animals into Noah's Ark, so too God will in this last generation bring in our families, our children, our relatives, our friends, and even some of our enemies. I believe that God will bring many, many people in this last hour intoHis Kingdom forever. Can I challenge you?


It's time to pray.

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