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Are You Willing to Believe

I want to remind you today that when you honor God, He will do mighty things through you. Not things that will get you on the cover of a magazine, but things that are eternal and life changing. You might find something that you know came from God, to give to someone who is hungry. You might find yourself saying something that you didn't come up with, but sense it is from someone speaking it through you. You might be given thoughts that you know are not your own and suddenly these mighty thoughts and works are flowing out of your life.

My prayer is that when we find ourselves without resources, the Lord will delight in taking our weakness and becoming our strength. God will do mighty works through you. I pray that God would flow through all of us and do His mighty works. Are you willing to believe that God can do mighty things through you?

I hope you are. You will find it when you begin to pray.

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