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Are You Going Through Affliction?

Are you going through a difficult time? Affliction is something that interferes with the quality of our lives. We often come to prayer meetings asking God, “Why?” Why did He allow this into my life?

If you didn't have any troubles, you might not have even attended the prayer meeting in the first place. Often, hardships are the very things that cause people to seek God. The mercy of God has allowed something into our lives that causes us to realize we can't get through on our own.

I know that afflictions don't feel good, but they come to our minds and our bodies so that we can learn to depend on God. For many of us, it brought us into the Kingdom of God. In our trials, we can still live free and bring glory to God because His grace is sufficient for our every need. It's time to thank God for these things. It's time to believe in Him.

It's time, my brother and my sister, to pray.

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