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Another Journey to Plymouth

When the pilgrims landed on the shores of Plymouth, Massachusetts, they had already faced many trials, difficulties, and many unfortunately lost their lives. They landed on the shores of America with nothing but a promise in their hearts. They believed that they were going to a land where they were free to worship God and live their lives according to His Word. They risked everything for this freedom. Generations of people have been blessed because these believers in Christ cried out to God and made that journey of faith.\n\nOn October 6, at 7:00 PM Eastern Time, Times Square Church will be making the journey to Plymouth, to lead a live prayer meeting, rededicating this land to God, 400 years after the pilgrims landed there. We encourage people all over the country to gather in churches and in their homes to pray with us. Visit for more details.\n\nRemember, it's time to pray.

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