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A Heart that Doesn't Judge

I am reminding you today that love doesn't run around looking for faults in other people, nor looking for opportunities to broadcast those faults to others. Love rejoices in the truth, and that truth is that God wants none to perish, but all to be saved. We've come to a place where we don't want anyone else to miss Heaven, no matter who it is, no matter how lost they may appear to be. May God work in us a heart that doesn't judge but declares that we're not going to heaven without the person next to us, yes even them.

In our Worldwide Prayer Meeting in New York City, we've been receiving praise reports of what God is doing all over the world. He's touching and saving even the most unlikely of people. You can join us here in New York or live on the Internet at every Tuesday night at 7:00PM Eastern time.

Please remember above all, it's time to pray.

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